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Turmeric + CBD Skincare

Glow . Balance . Pigmentation . Acne

Power of CBD Oil

Balances skin oils to eliminate skin issues and bring back skin's natural glow.

Fresh | Natural | Organic | Clean

Our commitment is to offer you the most natural and organic ingredients for your skin care without any added chemicals
turmeric and CBD natural skin care

Product Spotlight: Turmeric + CBD Mask

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“I have thrown away all my other creams, I am only using the Yuva oil for my face! It is the best thing I have used, I absolutely love it. My skin feels amazing. I am using less makeup since I started using it. The wrinkle on my forehead is hardly visible anymore!! I will never use anything else”

Tammie T

I decided to try out 4 different brands that came highly recommended, all different weeks to see what the results were, and by far, Niru not only felt the best, but my skin was GLOWING. Hands down, the best out of the 4 products that I tried.

Ashley S.

I love Niru Beauty! The Mask literally makes my skin GLOW! I’ve been using the serum mixed with the oil at night before bed and it has made my skin so soft!

Kinsie F.

My family and friends compliment my skin all the time now. Nope absolutely no foundation or powder going on almost 3 weeks now. (Intensive Turmeric Mask for acne)

Shayla S.

To my surprise, the soap is helping me to clear my dermatitis (that has been very persistent and only controlled, but never gone, with prescriptions).  I am now trying the body balms, which have been working like a charm as well. I highly recommend the brand and really appreciate how natural and fresh the products are. 

Rachel V.

I  LOVE LOVE LOVE the masks!!! The turmeric gave me a glow the next day. I felt it working on my acne right away. My skin was so hydrated the next day it made my makeup look so good. I was able to cover up my acne so much easier, no more dry or flaky spots!

Lissette, N.

The body butter with lavender oil is SO ridiculously soft! It truly is like butter! It's got a great texture that holds up, and melts on my skin. My favorite part of this besides how smooth it is, and how well it goes on my skin is the smell! It smells SO good.

Shannon P.

Loved the turmeric mask. It makes your skin look smooth, clear and radiant. Can't wait to try others.

Anchal, S.

I loved the turmeric masks and rice cleanser.  I don’t think I will ever wash my face with anything else besides the rice cleanser again.

Charlene, A.

About Us

We are dedicated to bringing you products that will help you maintain healthy, naturally-glowing skin through clean, organic ingredients. In doing so, we also want to help nurture connections to self-care routines. Our products are simple with few ingredients, as we believe that each ingredient must add benefit to the skin. We do not believe in adding artificial fragrances,  colors, or chemicals for aesthetic appearance. Our company is based on my mother’s name, Nirmala, which means clean and pure in Sanskrit - we call her Niru for short.

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