How It All Started


As a teenager growing up in an Indian family, I got my first few lessons in natural beauty from my mom.  She often applied homemade fruit and vegetable face masks on my sister and me; we spent many nights sleeping with coconut oil on our hair; and of course how can I forget the infamous egg masks (I always disliked this day!!).  I could never put my finger on it, but here was a certain magic to those home grown natural recipes...a magic that I only discovered many, many years later.

You see, as the years went by and I started working, I gradually turned to more convenient mainstream products. In my busy corporate world I hardly had time to nurture my skin; and if any problems popped up (e.g. pimples, dryness, redness, etc.) or I didn’t like the way my skin looked, I simply resorted to some more makeup to cover it up.

In my late thirties after my son Lucas was born, I felt my skin had lost it’s natural glow. During this time I went through a severe "makeup phase", where I tried may kinds of luminizing foundations and highlighters.  But I felt like make up looked fake on me and the process of putting these products on was very time consuming and not to mention expensive. Nothing I tried seemed to restore that natural glow I was looking for.

And then one day it hit me - mom's recipes! Inspired by her, I decide to embark on a search for all natural beauty recipes.  After many product alterations and experimenting with various natural and organic products on myself (mainly stuff I could eat) my skin started to feel and look different.

As I started using my own natural products, my skin cleared and I finally got the healthy glow I was looking for. I realized that there was indeed knowledge and wisdom in these old natural ingredient recipes.  And they in fact worked better than all the mainstream products I had spent hundreds of dollars on (more like thousands of dollars when looking back over the years).  As I started using all natural products I realized that I did not need to rely on make up nearly as much as I used to.

I immediately started sharing some of these recipes with friends and family and shortly after, NIRU beauty was born.  It has been so gratifying to find similar reactions from moms and friends in Southern California who have tried my products.  One of them had spent hundreds of dollars on acne products and our natural face mask was the one thing that worked for her.

NIRU is a short form of my mother’s name Nirmala which means clean and pure in hindi - an appropriate name for what our products stand for. My initial intent - and the mission of Niru - is to achieve great skin results, using only natural, organic, fresh and clean ingredients.

Over the years, I have become more conscious of how our skin absorbs chemicals and how these chemicals can harm our bodies as they penetrate our skin. I like knowing that what I put on my skin now is as good - if not better - than the nourishment my body gets through real and organic foods.  But health benefits aside, I'm convinced that natural product can keep you looking younger and more radiant than artificially made products.  And for these reasons, at Niru we will  continue to go back to the recipes and knowledge my mom shared with me on my early years and strive to continue creating products that will result in a more glowing, youthful and happier version of you!

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