It’s all in the Eyes!


Let us talk about age, genes, and dark circles under the eyes. Is there anything to be done? As we age the delicate skin under our eyes gets thinner and the blood vessels underneath are more visible creating dark circles. Predisposition to dark circles due to genes (just look at your parents!) just makes this condition worse. Are you doomed to layering on concealers every day?

Yes and no…it really depends on you! Yes, there are things you can do to improve the look of dark circles and to reduce them. However, if it is genetic it is unlikely to reduce to acceptable levels; but it is all about how you approach it. First things first -  What do we do to improve it?

  • Hydrate – lack of hydration can make our skin look more sunken and make the dark circles look worse.
  • Massage – blood flow stimulates collagen production helping to prevent thinning of the delicate skin. It is also helpful in reducing puffiness around the eyes.
  • Sleep and reduce eye strain – get enough sleep and avoid too much eye strain on electronic screens.
  • Use a good eye cream that stimulates skin turnover and encourages collagen production!

We recommend using our Bright Eyes cream which uses CBD and Coffee bean oil to hydrate and encourage skin turnover.  It also contains Licorice and Turmeric to brighten the eye area.



These are things in your control that you can do to slow and improve the appearance of dark circles. However, if you are like me and it is something that runs in your family then you also need to approach this with a positive attitude as part of your natural aging! I know that you are rolling your eyes as you read this! However, we can continue to spend lots of money on products and services, but until we develop a positive attitude towards aging we will never be happy with our looks. So, there is something to be said about taking care of oneself but also recognizing that aging is part of life. Your dark circles express your wisdom, your having lived life, and if all else fails just smile…when you smile your dark circles are not that obvious 😊.

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