Spring Cleaning For Your Skin!

Spring Cleaning for your Skin!

Want fresh dewy skin for the spring? If so, let us give you a few easy tips for clearing out the clutter and giving your skin a fresh start:


1) Exfoliate - dry winter skin often leads to a buildup of dead cells that clog up pores, preventing moisture from being absorbed leading to acne, dull complexion and other skin issues. Exfoliating the skin is an important part of removing dead cells and encouraging cell turnover for youthful and healthy skin. We recommend exfoliating 1-2 times a week. Our Rice Channa Cleanser is a great option for exfoliating all skin types. The smaller rice grains help exfoliate without irritation. Our Coffee scrub is also a good energizing exfoliator for normal (not sensitive) skin types.

(2) Replenish - masking gives your skin a concentrated shot of nutrients that help improve the health of your skin and address any specific issues you might have. We suggest masking once or twice a week. Here are our recommendations depending on your skin: 1) Sandalwood Mask to help smooth, brighten and prevent premature aging; 2) Turmeric Mask for radiance and a clear complexion; and finally 3) Orange Almond Beauty Mask to energize and deep clean pores.

(3) Deep Cleanse - If you haven’t already, book a professional facial (Spring-cleaning for your face). Professional facials deep cleanse and extract out clogged sebum and dirt. If you don't regularly do facials, spring is a good time to book one for yourself. A little self-care is in order.


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