Tejas Turmeric Face Oil
Tejas Turmeric Face Oil

Tejas Turmeric Face Oil

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[For dry to normal skin types]

Bring back your skin’s healthy glow and even tone while you eliminate acne and lighten dark spots with the skin brightening power of Ayurveda herbs and spices.

Had an amazing day at the beach the other day but I forgot to put sunscreen on and got sooo sun burnt! When I got home I slathered myself in turmeric oil from Niru and it immediately calmed my angry inflamed skin down and I barely had any peeling in the days following. Such an amazing product for so many different things! – Cat P

Your Beauty Regime: Massage 3-5 drops of Tejas Turmeric Face Oil on your slightly damp face after cleansing with our Turmeric + CBD Cleansing Cream Mask. Finish your anti-aging moisturizing regime by dabbing our Bright Eye Cream under your eyes.

Why this works:

  • Natural Glow: Turmeric’s bio active component curcumin has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that bring out glow and luster of your skin. Coconut and Jojoba oils smooth out skin giving it a youthful suppleness.

  • Dark Spots: Saffron has exfoliating and anti-bacterial properties that help light dark spots and brighten skin.

  • Acne: Turmeric, Saffron and Manjistha are a powerful team of anti-bacterial, antioxidant and anti-microbial properties that eliminate and prevent acne.

Ingredients: Organic Rosehip Seed Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Organic Coconut oil infused with turmeric and saffron, Organic Almond Oil infused with Manjistha (Indian Madder), Vitamin E Oil, Turmeric CO2 Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, Neroli Essential Oil.



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