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It all got started in India.  Growing up as a teenager, I remember my mom making all kinds of homemade natural face masks for my sister and me. We spent many nights sleeping with coconut oil on our hair or trying my mom's latest chick pea or turmeric face mask. Little did I know that one day these lessons in natural beauty would lead to the mission that drives our little company today.

My mom's name is Nirmala which means clean and pure in Sanskrit - we call her Niru or Nilu for short.  We've named our company after her since we are carrying on her tradition. At Niru, our mission is to achieve great skin results, using nothing but natural, organic, fresh and clean ingredients.  In short - Beauty by Nature.

It is our aspiration to be your partner in all things pure, natural and organic. Our number one goal is to help you nurture your natural beauty with the help of all-natural ingredients and beauty recipes from the East.  Our mission is fueled by the fact that we know these recipes work better (and are better for you) than chemically based products.  If you want a quick fix, by all means use chemicals.  If you want long term beauty and glow, give 'Beauty by Nature' a chance.

This is why at Niru, we use the most clean and natural ingredients in all of our product recipes.  I know this because I hand make and test all of our products in small batches at home!  And I have a 4 year old son and (and a hubby too but who counts them!) so you can rest assure our products are devoid of any harmful chemicals. 

It’s time to take care of you skin the way you take care of your health.  We hope you enjoy nourishing you skin with our products - you will not only see that they work but you will also achieve amazing results.


Leena Roy, 

Chief Natural Beauty Officer | Founder

Niru - Beauty by Nature

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