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Where are your products made?

All our products are made in the USA. The majority of our clean ingredients are also sourced locally in the USA. Since we hand produce our artisan products in small batches, there are slightly variations in each batch. 

When will my order arrive?

All orders are shipped out in 2 to 3 days from the order date. Transit time will depend on the shipping method you choose at checkout (First Class, Priority or Express). You will receive an email with the tracking code once products are shipped. 

Are all your products Organic?

Our goal is to provide you with pure organic products. Our current product line is 85% organic but we continue to strive towards our goal of 100%. Our face masks use all organic, chemical free ingredients. All our essential oils are what is considered therapeutic grade, or pure enough to be used for therapeutic purposes. Almost all our oils are sourced from organic suppliers. Our soap bases are natural and free of sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS). We use both organic and natural soap bases in our products. We continue to strive to source the cleanest organic ingredients we can find. Requirements for "Organic" vary across countries and there are currently no regulations around the use of the word “therapeutic”. We work with our suppliers to only select the most effective pure ingredients.

Will turmeric stain my skin?

While Yellow turmeric or curcumin longa can potentially stain lighter skin or skin that has more open pores if used incorrectly, our face masks are formulated with the right mix of ingredients to prevent this from happening. Our mask uses both yellow turmeric (curcumin longa) and wild turmeric (curcumin aromatic or Kasturi Manjal). Wild turmeric has similar benefits to yellow turmeric but does not stain skin. This is the prominent ingredient in our mask. Additionally, oil and honey included in the mask prevent skin from staining. Nevertheless, we always recommend to never leave any mask, particularly turmeric, for longer than the recommended time in the instructions. For sensitive skin we always recommend the lower time limit.  Always test for allergic reaction before trying a product for the first time.

How do I mix my mask – keep getting lumps?

Our masks are not absolute dry powders that dissolve easily in milk, they contain oils and honey that require some mixing. We recommend you start with less milk or water first and use the spoon to mash the mask powder to the sides of the bowl to break up the lumps. As you do this the mask will start to smooth out into a paste. You want the mask to be similar to a thick smoothie consistency. Once you have a smooth paste, add a little more milk to get the right consistency. If you add too much milk to start, the mask does tend to clump up. In this case add more mask. If you don’t use all, store in fridge and use in the next couple of days (nor more than a week).  Review the video on our product section for step-by-step instructions on mask application use.

How do I remove mask if it dries?

Depending on the thickness of the layer of mask you put on, the mask can dry out. First note that you still get the full benefits of the mask even with a thin layer. The mask drying out will actually provide exfoliation and circulation to your face (however if you have sensitive skin we recommend you put a thicker layer and avoid the mask drying out). To wash off a dried mask, first wet your face with warm water. Slowly massage your face, adding more water to it.  You will immediately feel the mask soften. Continue to slowly rinse off. You can alternatively use a wet wash cloth to soften and remove mask. Remember to wash face with cleanser after.

What is a body butter?

Body butters are thicker and richer than creams and lotions. They provide significant moisture to the skin. Our body butters are on the lighter side using mango butter instead of the commonly found shea butter found other common beauty products. We like Mango butter as it does not have a strong scent (slight nutty flavor) and lets the essential oil scent come through. We also like that the butter is easily absorbed and is not greasy.

Is there an expiration for body butters?

Natural chemical free products have shorter shelf life. Our body butters last approximately 6 months (expiration date at the bottom of jar), however we do recommend that they are best used in the first 2 months. Essential oils will fade as time goes on. We find that even if the jar does not smell as strong as it initially did, once the butter is put on the skin the fragrance is still strong. Store your jar in cool temperature, away from direct sunlight and always close well after use.

How best to use a body scrub? Do I need to wash off after?

Body scrubs are a great way to exfoliate and soften your skin while energizing your senses. Depending on your preference our scrubs can be used in two ways. They can be used before or after you have soaped and rinsed yourself. If you want more hydration, use scrub after you have soaped and rinsed. Our scrubs have a small amount of soap so you will still be cleaning your skin, but some of the oils from the scrub will stay on your skin leaving you hydrated. If you don’t like too much hydration or find the oil greasy, use scrub before you soap off. The oils will still give you hydration and be absorbed in your skin.

In using the scrub we recommend massaging into your skin in circular motions and leaving on for a few minutes before rinsing.

What is your return policy?

We want our customers to have exceptional experiences with our products. If you feel dissatisfied for any reason, please reach out to our customer service and we will make sure to correct the situation through a refund (when applicable) or exchange.

Will the Coffee body scrub get rid of cellulite?

There are claims that Caffeine can smooth skin and reduce cellulite. We do not make these claims. Does our coffee scrub have caffeine? Yes. Will it exfoliate, improve circulation and give you softer skin? YES! Will you love waking up to a shot of caffeine for your skin? Absolutely!

Will the use of essential oils improve my health?

There are many studies and articles on the use of essential oils  in ancient times to promote well being and health. There are many naturopaths and alternative medicine doctors studying and promoting the uses of these oils. We do not make any claims or guarantees on the effectiveness of essential oils for any health related conditions. Everyone is different and reacts to ingredients differently. We have personally used them in our home and had positive results. Experiencing the benefits is the only way for each person to determine what these oils can do for them.

Are your masks for all skin types?

Yes our masks are suited to all skin types. There are some that are better for oily or dry skin, but overall they are beneficial to all skin types. However testing for allergies is important before first use. Also if you have sensitive skin, we recommend keeping the mask on for the lower time limit of the mask (e.g. leave mask for 10-20 minutes; for sensitive skin leave for 10 minutes).

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