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Want to Experience Niru Beauty In Person? 

Indulge in a Niru Facial.

Aestheticians who love our clean, natural skin care products have added Niru Beauty to their offerings. Lucky locals can currently schedule appointments with the below aestheticians for Niru Facials and to purchase Niru Beauty products to take home with you.


Lorraine Acne Facial - Salon Republic at The Oaks Mall, Thousand Oaks, CA

More Information  |  (805) 587-3852


Nunei Natural Beauty - 15125 Ventura Blvd., Ste. 19, Sherman Oaks, CA

More Information  |  (818) 536-4092


Gina Valentine Beauty Therapist - Thousand Oaks, CA

More Information  |  (516) 729-7083


If you are an aesthetician who is interested in offering Niru Facials and Niru Beauty products, please contact us. We are excited to grow our partner network!


Stop by a store near you. 

Niru Beauty has begun to partner with spas and beauty specialty retailers for in person exploration and purchase of our Niru Beauty products.


Halo Salt Spa - Thousand Oaks, CA  |  More Information

The Healing Tree - Thousand Oaks, CA  |  More Information

The Mindry - Malibu, CA  |  More Information

The Vitamin Barn - Malibu, CA  |  More Information


If you are a store owner or buyer who is interested in offering Niru Beauty products at your retail locations, please contact us. We look forward to building our retail partnerships. 

Get a free, virtual consultation. 

No Niru Facial aestheticians or retailers carrying our products near you? Niru Beauty owner, Leena Roy, is happy to give you a complimentary, virtual skin care consultation to make sure you select the products that are right for you and that you know how to use them for the best results.

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